Getting To Know Kristy

The Basics:

My name is Kristy Louise Dolson and I was born in Hamilton, Canada. My favourite colour is green. I like hot dogs and rhubarb pie is my favourite kind of fruit pie. And I love gummy worms! But I don’t like olives, blue cheese, or sandwiches. I know, I’m weird. It’s something about maintaining the purity of bread or something, I don’t know. My tastebuds just never took to the whole sandwich concept. I was a teenager before I relented and began eating hamburgers.

I love hot tea, and I have a massive tea collection. I drink it every morning and usually with dinner. My favourite season is also Autumn, but I like it because we have Thanksgivig, Halloween, and my Birthday. Also, Hoodie season rocks! If I had to describe myself using only 1 word that word would be organized. I love a good sticky note.

I always get nervous before appointments, especially those involving doctors. My next one is in the summer, to follow up on my ACL surgery because I tore my ACL while hiking here in Korea 2 years ago. I had to spend my entire summer vacation in a Korean hospital, making it my worst injury ever.

I could never be a pirate because I’m afraid of sharks. Also, I’m afraid of heights.


I was in the Concurrent Education program at Brock University, my major was Education and my minor was History, so I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Integrated Studies and a Bachelor of Education, Junior/Intermediate. Teaching overseas was a dream I’d had since High School, but I wasn’t sold on Korea until I met people in Teacher’s College who told me it was an amazing place. So that’s why I came to Korea.

Hobbies and Interests:

My four biggest passions are Disney, Books, Musicals, and Tea. I am obsessed with Disney and last year I achieved one of my life goals: visit all the Disneyland theme parks before turning 30! I love Disney so much that my biggest pet peeve is when people confuse Disney World and Disneyland. They are *VASTLY* different places. I love Disney movies and I can watch them over and over again and still love them. I was usually dressed up as a Disney character for Halloween. My Mom used to make our costumes, and I still have the Minnie Mouse costume I wore as a toddler. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t fit around my leg now. I was a very small child.

My number one hobby is reading, and if money were no object, I would simply read all day. I keep a quote journal to remember interesting, funny, or inspiring things I’ve read. My favourite quote at the moment is Neil Gaiman’s “If you dare nothing, then at the end of the day nothing is all you have gained.” But choosing a favourite book is impossible.

I also love musicals, it’s hard to choose a favourite but not impossible. The musical I’ve seen the most is Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, seven times, but my current favourite is Next to Normal I like it because it’s about mental illness in middle class suburbia and I feel like it pushes the boundaries of what is “suitable” for a broadway musical, and proves that not all musicals are cheesy. I’m always singing my latest musical obsession in the shower, or in the car, or out in public.

I have a massive collection of tea. I drink it in the morning and with dinner. Drinking tea while wearing my matching pajamas, TinkerBell bathrobe and Australian slippers is so relaxing.

My Best Friend:

The person I miss most while living abroad is my best friend Sabrina. She’s getting super fit right now. Personally I’m trying to eat healthier and go to the gym but I’m nowhere near as fit as she is. I mean, I can do push-ups, but not many.

Interesting Facts:

Travelling isn’t really a hobby of mine, but I have been to Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, USA, Italy, France, and England. Italy was my favourite and the next country I’d love to visit is Norway.

I collect earrings, they are my favourite piece of jewelry, postcards, vintage tea cups, mismatched socks, and travel spoons.

I didn’t learn to whistle until I was in High school! I still can’t really whistle very well though.

I was a Girl Guide for 13 years. So I’ve done all my business in the woods on multiple occasions.

I speak English and French, survival Korean, and can say phrases in Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and German. I really want to study German and become fluent.

The Future:

My personal mission statement is: “Be positive and do everything in your power to make other people happy.”

When I was a kid I wanted to be a singer and a writer. As an adult I’ll probably never be in a Broadway musical, but I get to sing every day at work and there’s still plenty of time to write a major bestseller.

My dream vacation right now is going to Canada so I can go to Timmy’s and buy a bunch of Wii U games. Oh wait, I’m actually doing that next week! Which reminds me that I need to do laundry…

And finally, if I die, please play Christina Aguilera’s Make the World Move to pump everyone up and keep my optimistic spirit alive.

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XXOO Kristy


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