My Girlfriend, Who Lives In Canada

More footage from my Canada visit!

Watch as I try to show off the inside of a Tim Horton’s (key word: “try”) and then succeed in showing what it’s like to use the Tim Horton’s Drive Thru.

I love Tim Horton’s, as most Canadians do. It holds a special place in my heart and I was beside myself with excitement to be back in Canada so I could get my fix.

My favourite donut is the classic Boston Cream and my drink of choice, outside of tea, is a half English Toffee half hot chocolate. However what I love most about Tim’s is the Donut of the Month. Every month the company rolls out a special themed donut and while I was at home I tried the new (and new to me) donuts at each location I visited.

New favourites now include:
Birthday Cake timbits
Pumpkin Pie donut
Banana Creme donut

These were amazing! I hadn’t been to a Tim Horton’s in three and a half years and I was blown away by the changes and additions to the menu. They have lattes now! And red velvet muffins!

Tim Horton’s you’ve changed. You’ve changed a lot.

But you still feel like home.

And I love you.

Kristy XXOO


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