There’s A World, Beyond My Wildest Dreams, Chow Down

The current trip to Walt Disney World was my 20th visit to the Most Magical Place on Earth. I’ve also been to the Disneyland parks in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Anaheim, and Paris. It’s safe to say that I’m a Disney fanatic. ^_^ And hey, there are far worse things to be addicted to.

But when I first tell people about my love for Disney themed vacations, they ask me the same questions: Why do you go back? Don’t you get bored? Aren’t the rides the same?

To these people I say: “Hater’s gonna hate.”

There are people who have no sense of wonder or magic. And for them, one ride on Test Track is enough. They get on, they experience it, get off and say ‘Yup. Test Track. Cool. Done.’


I’ve been on these rides dozens of times, but the magic never wears off. The wonderment always feels fresh. To me, the technological wizardy is simply amazing to experience over and over again.

And they’re just plain *fun*. See how much fun I’m having? I’ll admit, most of this is hamming it up for the camera* but I honestly never feel bored when I’m on a Disney ride. Sure, there are certainly boring rides at Disney. But those are the ones you skip. There are plenty of other interesting rides and experiences to keep you busy for a full day in the parks.

For example, there are always characters to meet and take pictures with. On this trip I met my favourite Disney princess: Ariel. We had a lovely chat about finding earrings in sunken ships. ^__^ I sadly didn’t get to meet Captain Sparrow, but his show was entertaining and a great alternative to the long line of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom always has great sight gags to find, like the poster I showed off in the video. I love the gags and puns of Frontierland. My all time favourite is on a crate found in the Big Thunder Mountain queue: Lytum & Hyde Dynamite. Say it out loud. 😛

Over in the Animal Kingdom there are many animal exhibits where people can stop and watch the animals and learn about them from Cast members stationed nearby. It’s always fun and educational to hear people who are passionate about animals answer your questions.

And finally, if you really aren’t interested in the rides or other experiences (meeting characters or seeing the shows) there’s always the hunt for the elusive Hidden Mickeys!

There are over 700 of these hidden all over Walt Disney World. My Dad and I go looking for them whenever we’re at the Resort. We’re pretty lousy at it though, since so far we’ve only managed to find around 100. Guess that means we’ll have to go back again soon to continue the search. Shucks. 😛

Of course, if that doesn’t float your boat there’s my absolute favourite thing about Walt Disney theme parks: Food. Everyone likes to eat, right?

The dining experiences at Walt Disney World are second to none. Before a trip to WDW I spend hours pouring over menus on the website and dreaming about what I’m going to eat. Sometimes I decide on my menu choices months in advance. You know how much I love to plan things in advance. 😉

This year we made reservations at my two favourite restaurants: Ohana and the Yak & Yeti. You’ll have to watch the video to see what I’m talking about. A pleasant surprise was lunch at the new Be Our Guest restaurant. We were told that this place would be closed for refurbishment during our stay but when we arrived in the Magic Kingdom we found it to be open!

So luck was with us one day and we got in for lunch! The food was excellent and the theming was impeccable! I tried “the grey stuff” and it was indeed delicious.

Contrary to popular belief, Disney isn’t just for kids. There’s a lot on offer for adults too. A fair chunk of my time was spent enjoying the more mature libations available. One of the highlights of my trip was enjoying a beer sampler at the Big River Grille microbrewery. As you know, I love a good brew. ^_^

In conclusion, Disney World is an outstanding place. I already can’t wait to go back.

But until then, I’m excited to get back to life in South Korea and spend time with you and all our friends! I know you’re really busy these days but remember to stay just short of fantastic!

Kristy XXOO

*The only real scream in this video is the one I made during Hollywood Tower of Terror. Since my second biggest fear is heights (more specifically: falling from them) this ride truly does terrify me. The fear is so real I almost couldn’t hold onto the camcorder. The things we do for love. XD


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