What A Woman Wants


Cupcakes have always been a pleasure of mine. Notice I didn’t say “guilty pleasure” there because I have nothing to feel guilty about. Ain’t no shame in eating a cupcake or two (or three) with your friends! Eating an entire cake (or two or three)-even with friends-now that’s something I feel guilty about.

Finding a good cupcake in South Korea can be difficult. Finding a good cupcake in Gwangju can seem downright impossible. Sure there are plenty of dessert cafés with interesting choices. But nothing compares to the simple elegance and delicious taste of a well-made cupcake. In my humble opinion.

In my nearly four years of residence I’ve sampled the offerings at three cupcake cafes and I must say Gentle Lady Cupcake is by far the best. Located in Bongseon-dong across and a little down from the Emart, this tiny café is easily missable, unless you’re like me and you always have your eyes open for a new cupcake place.

The décor is interesting, even risqué for Korea, but I like the atmosphere. I could do without the overly loud Kpop music. You would expect a more sophisticated background music for such a shop but you can’t win on all fronts I suppose. If I have to take my cupcakes with Kpop, then I will do so gladly.

The service is speedy, your order will be brought to your table, and the workers I’ve always encountered are young, bright, and speak English very well. It’s always a pleasant experience. But even if the service were terrible and the workers didn’t speak a lick of English I’d still go back. The cupcakes are just that good.

Don’t take my word for it though. I encourage anyone in the area to visit for themselves. Take any bus that stops at Bongseon 2-dong Jumin Center. From the bus stop cross the street just in front of the Emart and turn left. Gentle Lady Cupcake is next to the NH Bank. You can’t miss it.

If you prefer to taxi, tell the driver Nam-gu, Bongseon-dong, Emart, and then follow the walking directions from there.

Happy Cupcakes!

Kristy XXOO


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