Razzle Dazzle

This week I found something new and exciting at my “local”* Emart:


Premium Gourmet Popcorn!

Black Raspberry Premium Gourmet Popcorn!


I saw an entire shelf of this gourmet popcorn and knew immediately that I had to try it. Then I thought: ‘Why not try it on camera and do a food review video?’

And then I thought ‘Kristy, that is a *fantastic* idea!’

So I did that. ^__^

The website I found is http://www.kukuruza.com/ and on further research I discovered that they actually have a few locations *in Korea*!! So the next time I go to Seoul, Central City here I come! (I hope they have the S’More flavor.)

Kristy XXOO

* I live nowhere near an Emart. It’s actually like an adventure every time I go to one.


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