Hey, Kid

After doing a book review last week I decided it would be fun to review another thing I love: Video games.

On my recent trip home I purchased a WiiU and a few party games. My favourite game is Mario Kart 8 and I’ve been playing it a lot. Just the other day I finished unlocking all the hidden characters and I only need to collect 8,900 more coins to unlock all the kart parts.

T.T Only 8,900…..

Well, it’s a good thing that all coins collected add to the in-game total. That means I can get some friends together and their coins will help unlock parts. Hurrah! What a great reason to play with more people!

May your kart be speedy, may you never be hit with a lightning bolt just as you reach a jump, may your items be useful, and may you never, ever, ever lose your first place due to the death which comes from above.

Kristy XXOO

*The Blue Shell

P.S. I forgot to mention in the above post that I’ve recently started using Pinnacle Studio 17. It’s a bit clunky but I felt the need to branch out from the options available on Windows Movie Maker. This was my first video experimenting with picture in picture and I’m quite pleased with the results. I still have a lot to learn but I’m happy to have you along for the journey!




  1. I really like this review / playing from your perspective. It seems like everyone that covers the game has played all of the pervious ones, so I’m always curious to see what newer players think. I think you might want to rename it to Hey, Kid plays Mario Kart 8.


    1. Thanks for the comment. But the vlog has a theme, so renaming the video wouldn’t be in keeping with it. I used the title ‘Hey, Kid’ because it reminded me that I was a child when I started playing video games, and Mario Kart. ‘Hey, Kid’ comes from the title of a song in the ‘If/Then’ Musical. ^_^ All the videos have Musical songs for their titles.

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