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Greetings Viewers!

Long story short: this week’s video might not look like much but it took me way longer than I anticipated.

What began as a simple ‘let’s play around in Pinnacle Studio’ became a painful reminder of how finicky “professional” video editing software can be. >.<

Imagine if you will that you’ve spent hours putting together a video. Then when you export it and open it in your viewer…there’s nothing to view!

When I exported this video I had audio but no image! I was flabbergasted! Luckily I had a considerable amount of downtime at work on Wednesday and I was able to cobble the video together using Windows Media Maker and Pinnacle Studio together*.

I learned a very important lesson that “finding a solution” and “solving the problem” are two different things. I still don’t know what the exact problem with Pinnacle Studio is but with more time I can play around with it and figure out what not to do next time I’m on a deadline.

Technology, eh? Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. ^__^

Kristy XXOO

*Long story long: Usually I do the basic video editing in Windows Media Maker. The process is simpler and faster than using Pinnacle Studio. This time I exported the project and imported it to PS to do more fancy things. I did not foresee any issues, but for some mysterious reason PS refused to export a proper video.

I ended up going back to my basic edit in WMM, cutting out the parts I wanted to make fancy, making those specific clips one by one in PS, exporting them and moving them into the WMM file individually, before exporting the entire thing with WMM and ending up with a video that works.


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