The Naming of Cats

Greetings Viewers!

Here in South Korea, cafés are a big deal. Since it’s still really common for children to live with their parents pretty much until they get married, there’s a huge business of providing hang out space for young adults.

In the downtown core of Gwangju alone there are at least 15 different café…chains. Not even individual shops, just chains. For example, there are 3 Starbucks all within a 5 minute walking distance of each other. There are cafés everywhere.

But South Korea also provides a few more unique experiences for the café-going crowd. One such experience you may have heard of is Korea’s much-loved Cat Café.

To people who dislike cats (sorry Mom) you may want to skip this week’s video. For everyone else, please enjoy this trip to my local cat café.

Kristy XXOO


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