What’s This? – South Korea: A Musical

Greetings Viewers!!

Today is a special day indeed!

First and foremost, welcome to the premiere track in my South Korea: A Musical series!  Kristy is fresh off the plane and in awe of her new homeland. I hope you enjoy watching it!

Second, if you’ve been to the YouTube channel in the last week you noticed that I finally have some Channel Art! Hurrah for Youtube Tutorials! I put those together using MS Paint. ^__^ Nothing fancy, just placeholders while I wait for something MUCH better from a real Artist.

Third, I’ve created a FaceBook Page for Just Short of Fantastic. Please do head over and give it a Like, won’t you? Find it here: http://www.facebook.com/jsofantastic

Fourth, check out the lovely and talented Kate Morris’s 12 Songs in 12 Months challenge playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoR8FSJ3oob3MVBK36444Xg

And finally, this weekend is Chuseok! Happy Chuseok! I’ve got a few days off from work for the holiday, so heads up: I might be shifting things around here on the blog. I’ve got some ideas for a makeover…but I’ve also got “Real Life” stuff to accomplish. So we’ll see. In any case, thank you so much for your support and stay JSoF!

Kristy XXOO


Here are the lyrics for the song!

01 What’s This? – South Korea: A Musical

What’s this? What’s this?

Strange symbols everywhere

What’s this?

There’s excitement in the air!

What’s this?

Everything’s such a surprise,

I can’t believe my eyes

What can I do but stop and stare?

What’s this?


What’s this? What’s this?

I still can’t read Hangeul

What’s this?

I feel like such a fool


What’s this?

The streets are filled with shops and trendy venues

This is somewhat overwhelming

Can someone help me with this menu?

What is this?

What’s this?


There are signs on every building

And flyers all around

Health and beauty products

Are hawked with vibrant sound

Though as I stand enraptured

A part of me must say

Through my wonder I can feel

That “home” is so far away


Oh look!

What’s this?

A cake shaped like a fish, red bean?

Why that’s so unexpected! I love it!

People gathering to buy accessories from a

Store called Bikini Virus.

What’s this?


What’s this?

Up there! They’ve got a bunch of cats, how strange!

Though it looks like so much fun!

But wait-

The sun begins to set and neon signs ignite

The streets become a dazzling sight

Reminding me it’s past dinnertime

So, now, I must find a place to eat

But do I dare,

Oh do I dare?

Where can I eat alone?

What’s this?


Oh no, what now?

I’m so unprepared

And yes, just a little scared

No friend, no partner here to help me navigate these endless symbols and unknown foods that send me off into a panicked confusion

What’s this!


The Subways are all missing

And the Wendy’s can’t be found

And in their place where can I go where I won’t earn a frown?


There may yet be an answer

To eating on my own

After all, what’s the point

in having a smart phone?


The sights! The sounds!

All I’d hoped and more!

I’ve never felt like this before!

My small town seems so inconsequential

Bravely seeking out adventure


Oh I love it, but I’m hungry

I’ve got to know

Where can I go?

Where can a solo foreigner grab a bite?

What Is This?


Kimbap Cheonguk? Hmmm….



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