I Need A Knife And Fork – South Korea: A Musical

Greetings Viewers and welcome to Track 02!

You may recall my good friend Em was in Korea for the summer and during that time she agreed to help with this track. We recorded everything for it all the way back in August and I’ve been waiting impatiently for its release date ever since.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. ^__^ Huge thanks again to Em and our outstanding camerawoman Lori.

Kristy XXOO

I Need A Knife and Fork Lyrics:

I am loving Korea but—

All my life has been a series of Western cuisines.
And then suddenly I move overseas.

I know exactly what you mean: ‘Cuz like,
I’ve been taking them for granted my whole life.
And it might be my hunger talking,
But I just don’t get these.

Now it’s true–
Now it’s true, I’d stuff my face.
I’d stuff my face.

But my finger co-ordination is poor.
I need a knife and fork.
I need a knife and fork—
I could eat so much more with you!
With you!
It’s true!
We do!
Give us a knife and fork.

I mean it’s crazy!
Using two sticks to eat-
Chicken wings!
I was gonna say sandwiches.
I’ve never seen anyone who could do it with ease.

Try again!

Our total un-coordination,
Can have but one indication:
Your hands!
That’s how it should be.

Don’t know why-
Don’t know why-
We can’t master this skill,
When we’ve learned to love
Sitting on the floor!

Give us a knife and fork-
Please bring us a knife and fork-
We could eat so much more!
With you!
With you!
It’s true!
We do!

We need a knife and fork-




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