I Won’t Say I’m Upset

Greetings Viewers!

Internal and external forces have colluded to bring the Honeymoon to an end. This month’s music video finds Kristy deep in the second stage of Culture Shock: Anxiety/Depression.

Every expat experiences the phases of Culture Shock: Honeymoon, Anxiety/Depression, Adjustment, and Acceptance. But everyone moves through them at their own pace, and not always in that order.

It’s not in Kristy’s nature to stay stuck in a rut…but can she pull herself up and out of this phase before it’s too late?

I dedicate this video to my brave friends who struggled with this stage for so long. The video treats the subject lightly but I know the depression is real, the consequences are real. I miss all of you but I know it was your time to go.

XXOO Kristy


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