Master of the House

Greetings Viewers!

Wow, I did not realize that I was not one, but TWO uploads behind on the WordPress page. I’ll admit, I knew for a fact that I’d missed the Christmas music video upload because I tried to do it but I couldn’t access the WordPress website for some reason. (I swear I meant to try again the next day but then Christmas happened and family and stuff and you know how it is around the Holidays.) But I totally forgot that I didn’t upload the first December video.

I apologize. It must have been the jet lag. Seriously. Let’s blame the jet lag for this one, shall we?

^^; Really: I am SO sorry.

Anyway, this is a video I put together using the footage I took of my first morning in Canada after 5 years of living abroad. It’s like I’ve come full circle, because I had serious jet lag then too.

Travelling is just wonderful, isn’t it?

XXOO Kristy


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