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I'm a young woman from Canada who enjoys teaching, travel, reading, and writing. I feel most at home in front of my computer, curled up with a good book, or ambling through a Disney theme park.

Shelter Me

Greetings Viewers!

Dogs and cats are not common pets in South Korea, especially in the cities. There are a lot of reasons for this, but the limited living space for most families is a big one. However the attitudes towards these bigger, free-roaming, animals have been changing recently and more and more people are becoming interested in owning a cat or a dog.

But dogs can be challenging, even more so when a person doesn’t know how to take care of one properly, or doesn’t realize just how big their adorable little puppy will eventually grow.

And then those dogs end up in a shelter.

In my city there is a dedicated group of expat and Korean volunteers who help out at the Gwangju Animal Shelter each week. I made this video to promote their amazing efforts in the hopes of recruiting more members to their cause.

If you’re in or around Gwangju and you’d like to volunteer and/or foster a dog please join the Gwangju Animal Shelter Volunteering group on Facebook. Thank you!

XXOO Kristy


One Short Day – Ottawa

Greetings Viewers!

While I was back in Canada I visited Ottawa, our nation’s capital city, for the first time. It was a whirlwind trip and I have many fond memories of my adventures. Some of them were caught on video, as I traipsed around the city gathering footage for a future One Short Day video.

Well the future is now! I’ve been in Korea for just over a month, therefore it’s the perfect time to re-visit those fond memories of Canada and past adventures. ^_^ Unlike previous OSD videos, I took segments from three separate days of filming to create this one. Because a) Canada is a hodgepodge and so is this video, and b) Ottawa has so much to offer that I simply couldn’t do it all in one day.

So sit back, relax, and welcome to Ottawa, eh?

XXOO Kristy

Moving On – In Transition: The Musical

Greetings Viewers!

Here we are at the end of my second musical series: In Transition: The Musical. It was a wild ride and I want to thank everyone who was a part of it (you know who you are). ^__^ I really appreciate all your love and support.

I have decided to stop making monthly music videos because I’ve moved back overseas to pursue/advance my teaching career and I will be really busy for the foreseeable future. While I may make music videos on various topics every now and then, I’d like to dedicate more time to other projects.

I will continue posting general videos (and probably a lot more Book Reports) so stay tuned!

XXOO Kristy

One Five Oh! – In Transition: The Musical

Greetings Viewers!

As some of you may know (or noticed), this July 1st Canada celebrated its 150th anniversary. As a proud Canadian I was over the moon at being able to celebrate this milestone IN CANADA.

So much over the moon that I made the July installment of ITM all about my euphoria. One Five Oh is my love letter to Canada after my 5 year absence. It may not have been 150 years in the making, but I put my heart, my soul, and many, many hours into making this video. I truly hope you enjoy it. ^__^

XXOO Kristy