A Cruise Will Reduce My Tension – In Transition: A Musical

Greetings Viewers!

I had a fabulous trip to Florida and created February’s wonderful music video while I was onboard the Disney Magic. I had a blast making it and I hope you enjoy watching!

An AQ is an Additional Qualification, a teacher course. I’m currently taking ESL Part 1 online as a 6-week course.
Fun story: The two weeks I was away in Florida were Weeks 4 and 5 of my course and I didn’t want to have all that work hanging over my head (because who wants to do SCHOOLWORK when they could be eating their way around the World Showcase? Answer: NO ONE) so I essentially completed 3 weeks worth of work in a week and a half. Before we left. Because I’m awesome (and borderline psychotic?) like that. So the cruise was EXCEPTIONALLY relaxing afterwards. ^__^

XXOO Kristy

One Short Day – Fremantle

Greetings Viewers!

What’s this? A new video on the first Wednesday of the month? Is Kristy *still* suffering jet lag?

No, no, I am no longer suffering from jet lag. I do realize that this is the first Wednesday of the month, not the second. The reason for the change in schedule is because I’m going away* during the second and third weeks of February and I didn’t want to skip a video, so I’ve merely pushed it forward.

You’re welcome.

This is footage from a day-trip I took down to Fremantle while I was in Australia. ^__^ Enjoy!

XXOO Kristy

*I know right? It feels like I just came back from a vacation and now I’m going on another one. Crazy!

Jet Lag – In Transition: A Musical

Greetings Viewers!

We returned from our Australian vacation last week and the re-adjustment hasn’t exactly gone smoothly. As any international traveller will tell you: Jet lag is an awful consequence to flying around the globe.

January’s musical installment is all about Kristy’s horrible jet lag experience. May you never have such terrible jet lag.

XXOO Kristy

The Book Report: The Mountain Shadow

Greetings Viewers! And Happy New Year!

As promised we are back on schedule. Mostly. Things got a little out of hand this morning with my nephew and I have to admit that the upload went right out of my mind until I went to write down a reminder to do something TOTALLY UNRELATED in my planner and then saw that it was upload day and then WHOOSH I flew to my computer to post this.


Sorry for the yelling there. Let’s try to start the new year off with some positive energy. ^_^

And on that note, the first post for 2017 is a book review of a book from one of my favourite authors: Gregory David Roberts. If you haven’t already read this gem, I highly recommend it!

Best of everything in the new year and happy reading!

XXOO Kristy

At Christmas – In Transition: A Musical

Greetings Viewers!

I apologize AGAIN for my lazy uploading. For shame!

In my defense, we just got back from a week-long stay in Margaret River where the Internet was not up to snuff for posting.

But enough excuses! Here’s the December music video. Just think of it as extending the spirit of Christmas into the New Year.

Also: Happy New Year! ^_^

>.< I promise that the next upload will go up on time.

XXOO Kristy

Master of the House

Greetings Viewers!

Wow, I did not realize that I was not one, but TWO uploads behind on the WordPress page. I’ll admit, I knew for a fact that I’d missed the Christmas music video upload because I tried to do it but I couldn’t access the WordPress website for some reason. (I swear I meant to try again the next day but then Christmas happened and family and stuff and you know how it is around the Holidays.) But I totally forgot that I didn’t upload the first December video.

I apologize. It must have been the jet lag. Seriously. Let’s blame the jet lag for this one, shall we?

^^; Really: I am SO sorry.

Anyway, this is a video I put together using the footage I took of my first morning in Canada after 5 years of living abroad. It’s like I’ve come full circle, because I had serious jet lag then too.

Travelling is just wonderful, isn’t it?

XXOO Kristy

Drive Ontario – In Transition: A Musical

Greetings Viewers!

We’re heading into December and here in Canada it was unseasonably warm until somebody hit that “Winter” switch a few days ago. With the cold weather settling in it will be necessary to drive to places, instead of riding a bike.

I don’t know about you, but driving is not…one of my favourite activities. However Kristy has little choice but to face this harsh reality of life in Ontario. What does she have to look forward to? Watch this month’s installment of ITM to find out!

XXOO Kristy