One Short Day – Ottawa

Greetings Viewers!

While I was back in Canada I visited Ottawa, our nation’s capital city, for the first time. It was a whirlwind trip and I have many fond memories of my adventures. Some of them were caught on video, as I traipsed around the city gathering footage for a future One Short Day video.

Well the future is now! I’ve been in Korea for just over a month, therefore it’s the perfect time to re-visit those fond memories of Canada and past adventures. ^_^ Unlike previous OSD videos, I took segments from three separate days of filming to create this one. Because a) Canada is a hodgepodge and so is this video, and b) Ottawa has so much to offer that I simply couldn’t do it all in one day.

So sit back, relax, and welcome to Ottawa, eh?

XXOO Kristy


One Five Oh! – In Transition: The Musical

Greetings Viewers!

As some of you may know (or noticed), this July 1st Canada celebrated its 150th anniversary. As a proud Canadian I was over the moon at being able to celebrate this milestone IN CANADA.

So much over the moon that I made the July installment of ITM all about my euphoria. One Five Oh is my love letter to Canada after my 5 year absence. It may not have been 150 years in the making, but I put my heart, my soul, and many, many hours into making this video. I truly hope you enjoy it. ^__^

XXOO Kristy

Jet Lag – In Transition: A Musical

Greetings Viewers!

We returned from our Australian vacation last week and the re-adjustment hasn’t exactly gone smoothly. As any international traveller will tell you: Jet lag is an awful consequence to flying around the globe.

January’s musical installment is all about Kristy’s horrible jet lag experience. May you never have such terrible jet lag.

XXOO Kristy

You Are My Home – Return to Canada

Edit: Video has been re-uploaded with new, non-copyright violation, music. Yay!

Greetings from Canada!

Like you said, I left Korea for a brief trip back to Canada during my winter vacation. This is the first time I’ve been back to Canada since I left it 3 and 1/2 years ago. These past few days have been a whirlwind of shopping, family, bread, more shopping, archery, more bread, and enjoying All Things Canadian. ^__^

It hasn’t been very relaxing but it has certainly been satisfying: I’ve eaten at Tim Horton’s every day (I’ll post a separate video for that later), I spent time with my Nana (again, another video later), shopped and seen a musical in Toronto, and learned how to shoot an arrow all while enjoying the beauty of my home and native land.

Good thing this vacation is only one week long because I’ve probably gained 5lbs due to all the carbs and sugary drinks I’ve been consuming. However, next week I’m driving down to Orlando with my parents to spend my second week of vacation in Walt Disney World. As you know, WDW is my favourite place on Earth, and my “second home” (after Tim Horton’s). But I’ll probably gain another 5lbs there. >.< Although, the place is huge so I’ll be getting my exercise for sure!

Regardless, I thought your scavenger hunt video was hilarious, even if you failed to find a single thing on the list I gave you. I hope you don’t get too lonely as we head into the second week: I’ll be posting those other two Canada videos soon, and then it’s off to Disney World!

Kristy XXOO